Tassimo Suny coffee machine.

I won this Tassimo Suny coffee machine a few weeks ago, and its quickly transitioned from a luxury, to a necessity in our home.



Now, I wont even bother to entertain the idea that I’m anything of a coffee¬†connoisseur, but I know a good cup of coffee when I taste one, and the Tassimo has opened up a whole new world of taste for me.

Admittedly, I myself had trouble understanding the mechanics of it initially, but my eldest daughter seemed to know the machine inside out before the day was over, and once she explained it i had no trouble.

Despite having won this piece of kit, it didn’t come with any free coffee pods, which i was disappointed by at first, but I shrugged it off- I don’t want to be ungrateful after all- but the pods are easily found online, I brought some from Asda since they had a sale. I purchased the Americano coffee, the Cadbury hot chocolate and Oreo hot chocolate for the girls.

All of the drinks I’ve tried so far have been delicious. I was initially wary of the Oreo hot chocolate because it had some pretty severe negative reviews, but the girls loved it and once I tried it myself, I too had no qualms with it. There are a range of drinks available, and you can even by some milk pods for drinks which you like to add milk too which might be more helpful and necessary for some, than it is for others:)

I think what I enjoy most about the machine is the delicious scent all of the beverages give off when they’re being made- they smell amazingly fresh despite being quite possibly the exact opposite of fresh.

Overall, I would recommend the machine to anyone, its not all that expensive in comparison to some other coffee machines on the market, and although the drink pods can become costly, there are always sites online having sales, and you do receive a voucher with the machine although I cant remember how much the voucher is worth, sorry.

The machine is easy to use, my only criticism with it would be the fact that the small light at the front of the machine which indicates whether there is enough water for a full drink left in the tank, does not register whether the amount of water will run out before the drink is made. On a couple of occasions I have made a drink, only to find the water has ran out halfway through- but its easily fixed by filling the tank up and pressing the button again, and then just stopping it when its filled with enough water. Although this does mean you cant press the button and leave the room, as it might overflow.

There is also a convenient little grate at the bottom, so if the drink does overflow or anything, all the water is contained. A nice added touch.

So, to summarize, the machine is easy to use, it comes with a voucher to be used on the site, its easy to clean, and its not as expensive as many other machines. However, like aall coffee machines the pods can become expensive overtime, (although this is easily rectified by shopping thriftily) the machine runs out of water quite quickly and doesn’t alert you when there isn’t enough water for a full drink.

A lot more pros than cons, in my opinion anyway:)

What do you think?